Farmer finds ancient sword in field

A farmer from Bońkowo Kościelne, Central Poland, unearthed an ancient sword while ploughing his field. The artefact is believed to be 2000 years old.

The sword found in the field (by Nasza Mława)

The farmer, Edward Wojtaś, has ploughed the artefact out of the ground by accident, removed it from the ground and secured at home. He marked the place within his large field encompassing a couple of hectares and took the sword to the local Muzeum Ziemi Zawkrzeńskiej w Mławie (Muzeum of the Zawkrze Region in Mława). Experts from the museum were able to date the sword to the 1st century BC, basing on the typical ornaments and shape of the handle. Archaeologist Andrzej Grzymkowski states that the weapon was probably deposited within a grave along a body. He also suspects that there might be a Prehistoric burial ground on the farmer’s field. It is believed that the owner of the sword might have been an important individual, because in the period from which the sword originated warriors were usually buried with spears, and additional objects such as swords or shields were put along deceased of higher status.

Ornaments found on the sword (by Nasza Mława)

Moreover, it is suspected that the burial was not a cremation, because belongings were ritually destroyed and burned along the bodies in such. The sword found in Bońkowo is not bent and preserved in full length. The archaeologists used metal detector to survey the vicinity of the place where it was discovered. They were able to make additional discoveries unearthing remains of the scabbard and handle, which despite corrosion are well preserved. The researchers state that they will return to the area in Spring, and the farmer welcomes them as he is interested in the secrets which his field holds as this is the first time that any archaeological artefact was found there. The sword is scheduled for conservation.

Parts of the scabbard found in field (by Nasza Mława)

(after Nasza Mława)

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