Large number of guns and thousands of ammunition rounds seized

Over 3000 rounds of ammunition, together with various guns, rifles and even machine guns were seized from the possession of a 60-year old, who was detained in Żołynia, South- East Poland, for gathering this illegal arsenal.

Guns discovered by Police (by Komenda Powiatowa Policji Łańcut)

The officers have detained the 60-year old individual and secured the illegal arsenal. Beside the mentioned items a large amount of gun powder and two anti-aircraft shells were secured. Police sapper squadron from Rzeszów was taking part in the operation. The individual claimed that he was only collecting the objects. He was released and is kept under Police supervision. He is also facing charges for illegal possession of fire arms and ammunition and possibly an 8-year sentence in jail.

Ammunition found at the site (by Komenda Powiatowa Policji Łańcut)
Rifles of various kinds (by Komenda Powiatowa Policji Łańcut)

(after Komenda Powiatowa Policji Łańcut & Dzieje Się Na Podkarpaciu)

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