Lots of ammunition and unexploded ordnance found by Police

Police officers from Hrubieszów have discovered large numbers of rifle shells and World War 2 unexploded ordnance in possession of an individual living in Dołhobyczów, South-East Poland, who used to illegally look for them with a metal detector.

Ammunition found by Police (by Policja)

The Police was following  information that there might be illegal materials stored within the property. The 55-year-old individual kept the objects in his house. Among the finds discovered by Police are explosive materials, an artillery shell, an F1 grenade, and over 150 rounds of ammunition some of which was dating back to World War 2. A home-made metal detector was also secured. The individual was arrested and is facing charges of illegal possession of explosives.

(after Policja & Tygodnik Zamojski)

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