One-man shelters unearthed at construction site

Five concrete compact shelters large enough for one person were discovered at a construction site in Poznań, West Poland. These bunkers, called “Einmann” date back to World War 2 and were used as a shelter during air raides.

Shelters found at the construction site (by TVN24)

The structures were discovered by a construction worker, who privately is a member of the Perkun Association, an organisation for explorers and history enthusiasts. Officials from the Muzeum Uzbrojenia (Museum of Armaments) were informed and a decision was made to move the shelters to the Poznań Citadel. Arkadiusz Maciejewski of the MU states, that the structures were placed in large numbers in the industrial areas, near factories during German occupation in the 1940s. These mini-bunkers served as protection for individuals during air raids. At present they are rather rare, and one of the discovered ones is only a second such structure preserved in Poznań. All five shelters were placed on lorries and moved away from the construction site, where it is estimated that over 60 such structures existed during World War 2.

Shelters being moved from the site (by TVN24)

(after TVN24)

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