Shelter from 1939 moved due to road construction

A concrete shelter dating back to 1939 located in Wąsosz was moved 34 metres in order to make way for the newly constructed S5 road.

The shelter being moved (by Tytus Żmijewski)

The shelter was part of a fortifications line used by Armia Poznań during the 1939 campaign against the invading German forces. Similar structures exist in Słupy, Żnin, Wągrowiec, Gołańcz and Nowy Świat. The structure is 5 metres high, its interior area measures around 5 square metres and the thickness of the front and ceiling is over 1 metre.

According to the experts, this particular structure was not used during the fights, as the Polish Army was forced to retreat from the area. The shelter was located among the fields, surrounded by trees. It was abandoned and forgotten over decades. The shelter was moved with use of a special concrete rail and six servomotors. It was placed on steel sledge and moved along the rail. Special Teflon tiles covered in graphite grease were being put under the sledge.

Before the roadworks started the mayor of Szubin appealed to the investor for preservation of the structure, in hope it would become a tourist attraction in the future. The investor states that there will be a parking zone constructed near the place where the shelter was relocated to in order to allow people to see the historic structure.

(after PAP, Tytus Żmijewski &

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