Walls made of WW2-era military crates discovered

Construction workers in Garden City, Idaho, USA, made a discovery, revealing that the walls of a newly-purchased pottery store are made of WW2-era military crates.

Discovery of the crates (by 7KTVB)

The crew had discovered hundreds of wooden crates labelled “Mines” and “Anti-tank” in yellow and black lettering. The crates were stacked in three of the building’s four walls. The crates had been manufactured in Joliet, Illinois and packed in August through October of 1943, during World War II. According to Garden City records the building wasn’t constructed until 1959. Some of the crates have rotted away, or become homes for birds and small rodents but others are said to be in surprisingly good condition. The building was formerly the home of Garden City Furniture.

Close-up of the crate (by 7KTVB)

The owner found the original instructions on ow to place and operate the anti-tank mines, along with the crates. The previous owned informed the present one that he had been aware of the crates, but had never investigated further. Contractors will work to disassemble the wall of crates, which are nailed together.

Instruction on operating the missile (by 7KTVB)
The owner by the wall of crates (by 7KTVB)

(after 7KTVB)

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