Ancient pagoda collapses in Myanmar

Large part of one of ancient pagodas, numbered 1066, located in Bagan Archaeological Zone, Central Myanmar has collapsed after the structure has weakened after an earthquake in 2016.

The collapsed pagoda (by Democratic Voice of Burma)

Bagan was the seat of the Pagan Empire from the 9th to 13th centuries. It was also a hub of Buddhist learning and hosted no less than 10000 Buddhist temples, pagodas, stupas and monasteries. Today the ruins and renovations of just 2200 structures remain standing. The Pagoda No 1066 was housing a Buddha statue. The structure measured around 8 by 8 metres and was 12 metres high. The pagoda’s exact age is unknown. The building was renovated in 1996but 10 years later it was struck by an earthquake.

In march this year about 70 percent of the structure of Pagoda 1066 collapsed yesterday due to excess weight on its walls. Myanmar’s Ministry of Religious and Cultural Affairs states that the walls had suffered cracks and damage during the 2016 earthquake, which took a devastating toll on many of the ancient monuments in the Bagan Archeological Zone.

(after Democratic Voice of Burma)

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