Hoard of gold coins found in farmer’s field

Metal detectorist has uncovered ten  solid gold coins dating back to the Iron Age in a field near Chiddingstone, Kent, United Kingdom.

One of the gold coin (by Kent Live)

The coins are said to have been unearthed in October 2016 but so their exact location was not being revealed and details kept secret. According to Claire Donithorn, archaeologist at Eden Valley Museum in Edenbridge, the coins date from precisely the time when Britain emerged from Prehistoric to Historic times. She admits that to find a haul of this size is extremely rare. The coins are thought to date from around 50 or 60 BC and would probably been used as gifts to pay or bribe mercenaries fighting with the Gauls against Julius Caesar. They were manufactured in the Amiens region of northern France. Precious gifts were often buried as offerings to the gods, or to mark a significant event. They may also have been hidden for safety reasons.

Gold solid coins found in the field (by Kent Live)

(after Kent Live)

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