Pistol part found that might be 500 years old

A pistol part was found during excavations in the Kannah Creek, Mesa County, Colorado, United States of America. The piece is believed to have been a part of a Spanish pistol used 500 years ago.

The part of the pistol (by Christopher Tomlinson)

According to the researchers of Museums of Western Colorado the part was found a few years ago but it has been undergoing metallurgic testing. The part was identified as a spring-load arm that was used as part of a Spanish wheel-lock pistol, which dates to 1500 to 1600. The wheel-lock pre-dates flintlock pistols and muskets, which were first introduced in the 17th century. The discovery is unusual for this region as most artefacts such as this one are typically found in Texas and New Mexico. It is believed that the Spanish didn’t come to this region until the 1700s. Spanish armour parts and other colonial memorabilia have also been found at the site. It is believed such items have been brought by a Spanish exploration party and traded with the Ute Indians in the area.

(after Christopher Tomlinson & The Daily Sentinel)

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