Pot of coins discovered by construction workers

Excavations near Hoef en Haag, Netherlands, led to a discovery of a pot containing some 500 silver and gold coins dating back to the 15th century.

Coins on display (by RTV Utrecht)

The discovery was made by waterworks employees between Vianen and Hagestein. Archaeologists called to the site conducted excavations revealing a trove of 15th century coins. It turned out that 12 gold coins, and the rest silver – were hidden in a simple cooking pot made of glazed earthenware. Some textiles were also found in the pot, indicating that the coins were packed in fabric bags or cloths. Most of the coins seem to date from the 1470’s and 1480’s. Some of the coins show King Henry VI of England, Bishop of Utrecht David of Burgundy, and Pope Paul II.

Handful of coins as discovered (by Cotswold Archaeology)

(after NL Times, Cotswold Archaeology & RTV Utrecht)

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