Wreck of a US-Revolutionary-War ship uncovered by cyclone

A 160-year old shipwreck has been unearthed at Short Sands Beach in York, Maine, North-East United States of America.

The uncovered shipwreck (by York Maine Police Department)

The cyclone washed away enough sand for a glimpse of the historic structure. The shipwreck has previously appeared after a major storm passes through the area, dragging enough sand away to unveil the buried treasure. The structure appeared in 2007 and after winter storm “Nemo” in 2013. The vessel was supposedly also seen in the 1950s. Maine Historic Preservation Commission previously examined the wreck and identified it as archaeological site. The structure is believed to be a sloop – a sailing vessel with a single mast. Researchers date the finding to the time of The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783).

(after Fox News & York Maine Police Department)

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