Roman altar discovered in York

Archaeologists discovered an ancient Roman altar while monitoring a development of a retirement home within the area of the Medieval walls in central York, Northern England.

Triangular Bronze Age enclosure found

Excavation in Chichester, England, revealed a Bronze Age settlement and enclosure being part of the ancient Chichester Entrenchments, a system of earthworks which were constructed around the city from the later Iron Age, circa 100 BC onwards.

Roman settlement under Britain's longest road

Archaeological investigation in an area near Scotch Corner, North Yorkshire, England, scheduled to be overbuilt by the A1 road, unearthed a wealthy Roman settlement and rare artefacts linked to the engineers who built the ancient Dere Street, a Roman road that’s followed by the modern A1.

Identity of a 17th century ship wreck revealed

The identity of the shipwreck discovered in a sand and shingle bank outside Poole Harbour, Dorset, southern England, was revealed 4 years after its ornamented rudder was raised from the seabed and underwent successful conservation. The so-called Swash Channel Wreck was found to be a Dutch merchant vessel named The Fame.

Facial reconstruction of a Medieval poor man

Facial reconstruction of the remains of a 13th-century male individual found during excavations of the Old Divinity School of St John’s College, Cambridge, England, conducted between 2010-2012 revealed the looks of an ordinary poor man buried at the Medieval cemetery.