Ancient sea vessel unearthed at Crimea

At the mouth of the Belbek river, off shore Russian occupied Crimea, archaeologists uncovered two anchors and other items dating back to the 2nd or 3rd centuries AD, belonging to an ancient ship that sank off the western coast of the peninsula.

Upper Palaeolithic Venus figurine found

A 5-centimetre high Palaeolithic Venus figurine was discovered at the Khotylyovo-2 site in Bryansk Oblast, Russian Federation. Radiocarbon analysis suggests tribes of hunters and gatherers lived there  between 21000-24000 years ago. 

Early Bronze Age burial of a noblewoman found in Siberia

Archaeologists excavating a burial ground in the Russian Federation’s Republic of Khakassia in eastern Siberia discovered a burial of a woman buried 4500 years ago. The Early Bronze Age burial was equipped with an incense burner decorated by solar symbols, 1,500 beads and 100 pendants made from animal teeth.