Medieval burial mound unearthed in Białowieża Forest

Archaeologists unearthed a Medieval mound discovered recently in the Białowieża Forest, East Poland, revealing burials hidden within.

The Medieval mound (by Roman Szlązak)

Archaeologists discovered this structure last year among others through airborne laser scanning of the Białowieża Forest area. The researchers have studied 5 structures resembling burial mounds, of which this one was the largest. Inside it a skeleton of a female individual and glass jewellery, including blue and green glass beads were discovered, as well as pieces of pottery vessels. The age of the finds has been established to between 11th-13th centuries AD, but older artefacts have been documented nearby originating from the times of the Roman Empire. The researchers state that part of the skeleton and the artefacts have been damaged due to partial destruction of the mound, possibly as part of robbery digs made in the 19th or 20th centuries. An interesting feature within the mound was located at its East side, where a stone pavement was found with pieces of pottery shards on top – possibly indicating a place for ritual worship.

(after Nauka w Polsce & Roman Szlązak)

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