2000-year-old coins found on a field in northern Poland

A hunter and gamekeeper found a treasure trove in the middle of a ploughed field near Zalewo (warmińsko-mazurskie voivodeship). The accidental discovery was made while Przemysław Kulpa was looking for boar tracks damaging local crops and silage. Instead he found coins scattered on the surface of the ground. The deposit was probably destroyed by ploughing and washed by recent rainfall.

Treasure trove (by Muzeum w Ostródzie
Treasure trove (by Muzeum w Ostródzie)

The man informed the local heritage authorities and the coins were secured and passed to the Museum in Ostróda. After examination all 86 coins proved to be Roman denari minted in the 1st and 2nd century AD. The oldest Roman coin was minted in 96 AD during Emperor Nerva’s reign. The coins are said to be connected with trade between Roman Empire and the Barbaricum – lands beyond the west Roman borders, occupied by numerous tribes.

The find will be on display in Ostróda castle from May 14th and join the permanent exhibition soon afterwards. Archaeologists also plan to conduct fieldwork in the place of the discovery.

(after Muzeum w Ostródzie, Nauka w Polsce & TVN24)

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