200 silver Roman coins discovered in Spain

After 3 weeks of excavations of the Empúries site on the Costa Brava, Spain, a ceramic vase containing 200 silver denarius dating from the 1st century BC was found. Also 24 amphorae of wine have been discovered in the cellar of an ancient house, a simpulum (bronze slab to extract wine) and two bracelets.  The excavations are a part of Archaeology Course of Empúries led by Pere Castanyer and taking place at an ancient Roman city.

Trove of 200 denarius (by Catalan News Agency)
Trove of 200 denarius (by Catalan News Agency)

The found was made within the oldest levels of the site, inside a house of the 1st century BC which was excavated before. The coins were found  further away from the cellar. They were contained within a ceramic-vase in the shape of an amphorae. The archaeologists believe that the treasure would have been hidden intentionally and that his owner never had the change to recover it. It was a huge amount of money by that time and would have allowed the owner to live comfortably for quite a long time.

(after Catalan News Agency)

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