8000-year-old cereal found on a settlement mound in Turkey

The site of the Kanlıtaş mound near İnönü, Eskişehir province, western Turkey, revealed cereal that is believed to be 8000 years old. These are one of the oldest grain samples ever to be found in Anatolia.

Grains from the Kanlıtaş mound (by The Anatolian News Agency)
Grains from the Kanlıtaş mound (by The Anatolia News Agency)

The excavations are conducted by Ali Umut Türkcan of Anadolu University in Eskişehir. The mound was surveyed between 2008-2009 revealing traces  of human occupation stretching from the Palaeolithic to the Ottoman period. The grain was discovered in the layers that correspond with the period when mankind started agricultural activities. It was also possible to identify the species of the grains being black vetch, wheat, barley and others.

Excavations at the site (by The Anatolian News Agency)
Excavations at the site (by The Anatolian News Agency)

A video in Turkish presents an interview with Ali Türkcan speaking about the discovery:


(after The Anatolia News Agency)

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