Ancient Roman artefacts found in Gloucester

Excavations at a former Gloscat media studies site in Gloucester revealed a part of a Roman cemetery which was discovered during redevelopment in 2013 and 2014. The works were conducted prior to housing development.

Excavations at the site (by Gloucestershire Live)

First burials at the site were discovered during the construction of the media studies building in 1966 but during 2013-2014 archaeologists discovered further Roman Era remains, including enclosures, trackways, pits, a cemetery, a well and two kilns. Now, the excavations uncovered another portion of the Roman Era site containing burials and pottery.

Excavations (by Gloucestershire Live)

The cemetery was founded towards the later stage of the Roman era and burial continued to the end of the Roman period. So far archaeologists identified 153 burials and four cremations. According to the researchers, the burials were characterised by few grave goods and by a high level of fractures, suggestive of a relatively poor, hard working population.

Roman pottery found (by Gloucestershire Live)

(after Gloucestershire Live)

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