Storm reveals bunkers at Baltic shore

Recent storm that struck the western beach in Kołobrzeg, north-western Poland, revealed concrete structures at the shore. The structures were identified as part of the bunker system built in 1950s.

Structure at the beach (by Robert Dziemba via RMF24)

The structures unearthed at the beach belong to the fortified area of the Kompanijny Rejon Umocniony 19. Baterii Artylerii Stałej (Company Fortified Area of the 19th Fixed Artillery Battery) that encompasses the area from Parsęty to Grzybów. The storm hit especially hard the western beach, where the waves washed few metres of the escarpment. Water broke concrete rings and revealed structures that were previously unknown, like rooms, corridors and ventilation shafts. The battery is only a part of a larger complex, which has been built after 1950 to secure the shore from invasion. Although the area is under Polish Navy administration, the freshly unearthed structures are said to already attract homeless people salvaging scrap metals.

Overview of the beach (by Robert Dziemba via RMF24)
Inside the bunker (by Robert Dziemba via RMF24)
Inside the structure (by Robert Dziemba via RMF24)

(after Robert Dziemba & RMF24)

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