Historic shipwreck re-emerges off coast of Florida

A historic shipwreck of the 90-metre-long SS Monte Carlo vessel was exposed above water  at Coronado, Florida, USA, after several storms past through San Diego County recently.

The shipwreck (by Aldryn Estacio)

The ship was once used for gambling and prostitution during the Prohibition era in the 1930s. It ran aground during a storm back in 1937. It was one of California’s mob-owned gambling ships. It was anchored several miles off the coast in international waters. According to the experts it was anchored off Long Beach in 1933 and received a lot of pressure from the police to not have the gambling organization going. After a couple of years, the vessel came down to San Diego in 1936 and anchored just 5 kilometres off the coast of Coronado. Ferries would leave the Hawthorne Street dock every 15 minutes bringing patrons aboard. In 1937 a storm caused the anchor chain to break, the vessel started drifting and ran aground where she lies today.

The shipwreck (by Aldryn Estacio)

(after CW6 & Aldryn Estacio)

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