Walls of first English garrison in Ireland documented

A survey of the 16th century garrison in Portlaoise, revealed the still largely intact walls of the  structure which was the first English garrison in Ireland.

Layout of the fort’s walls (by Lotts Architecture)

The city of Portlaoise developed from the structure which was once founded as the first English garrison in Ireland. Researchers have conducted laser scanning to document every stone of the structure, revealing that the walls of the garrison were largely intact, with sections forming walls of many modern buildings and yards in the town centre. It is believed that about 75 percent of the original walls are still present. They form the front of the vocational school, they run down the back of main street, as some back yard walls, and some are inside the building known as O’Loughlin’s Hotel. The wall is said to be visible from the gates of Scoil Mhuire school on Railway street, while the school is built on top of the original main garrison building. It runs behind Fitzmaurice place where its main tower stands, and up as far the old vocational school across from the cinema. According to the researchers, detailed drawings of all the intact portions of wall have been made, and a scale model of the fort is being created.

(after Leinster Express & Lotts Architecture)

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