Cemetery of Goths unearthed in East Poland

Archaeologists discovered traces of the presence of the Goths, who travelled through Poland during 1st century AD. A cemetery located near Drelów, West Poland, revealed numerous burials and artefacts of the Goth people.

Overview of the site (by TVP3)

Goths came to the present area of Poland from Scandinavia. So far archaeologists believed that these people travelled along the Bug river, but this discovery proves that the migration pattern might have been more complex, and that Goths might have travelled through a southern route as well. Archaeologists discovered burial pits filled with burnt bones or urns with burnt bones, and corresponding grave goods. The researchers discovered various metal artefacts, including fibulae, belt buckles, strap ends, pendants, and remains of weapons.

Artefacts found on the site (by TVP3)

First traces of Goths’ presence in the area was discovered this Spring. As archaeologists were able to identify the site as a cemetery, now they set out to locate where the settlement of these people might have been. The search for this site will be undertaken in Autumn, when the weather and vegetation conditions will be suitable for surface surveys.

Ornamented artefact from a Goth burial (by TVP3)

(after TVP3)

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