Ancient boxing gloves unearthed at Roman Vindolanda fort

Archaeologists revealed ancient boxing gloves that were unearthed at Vindolanda fort by Hadrian’s Wall, northern England.

Boxing gloves on display (by Vindolanda Trust)

Leather gloves, unearthed at Roman fort of Vindolanda, were put on public display. They are probably the only known surviving examples from the Roman period. Archaeologists describe the leather gloves, found last season, as an astonishing find. They were discovered along with a hoard of writing tablets, swords, shoes and bath clogs. The gloves were designed to fit snugly over the knuckles and have the appearance of a protective guard. The larger of the two gloves is filled with natural material, which would have acted as a shock absorber. The smaller one, found in near perfect condition, is filled with a coil of hard, twisted leather. The researchers believe that they have been used for sparring sessions as they do not have metal inserts used in ancient boxing bouts.

(after Vindolanda Trust & BBC News)

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