Roman vessels found off Alexandria’s coast

Wreckages of three vessels dating back to the Roman Era were discovered during underwater excavations at the Eastern Port of Alexandria, Egypt.

Underwater finds at Alexandria (by Egypt Independent)

The three vessels were discovered by archaeologists of the European Institute for Underwater Archaeology working with an Egyptian mission. Among the wreckage valuable artefacts were discovered, including three gold coins from the era of Emperor Octavius Augustus, a boat made of lead for the god Osiris, and a sculpture of a head of a member of the royal family dating back to the Roman era. According to the archaeologists the finds indicated that the water under Alexandria’s eastern port may still be hiding many undiscovered treasures. Ossama al-Nahas of the Central Department of Sunken Antiquities states that the excavations indicate that a fourth ship is likely to be found during the coming period, as the mission uncovered large wooden planks, as well as pottery vessels that may have been part of the sunken ship’s cargo.

(after Egypt Independent)

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