Grenade hidden in a shed over the holidays

In the end of last year an inhabitant of the Końskowola commune, East Poland, found an unexploded grenade dating back to World War 2. He has hidden it in a shed over Christmas cause he didn’t want to disturb the Police over the holidays.

Close-up of the grenade (by Lubelska Policja)

The man dug out the grenade in his back yard, and not wanting to disturb the Police he put it into a bucket filled with sand, and has hidden it in a shed on his property. After Christmas he informed local Police officers about the finding. Experts studied the pile of dirt finding more dangerous objects inside. The unexploded ordnance was identified as a World War 2 grenades and secured by sappers. The area where they were dug out was also surveyed for similar remaining objects. Military personnel has taken the dangerous objects to a secure location and where they were disposed.

The bucket with the grenade (by Lubelska Policja)

(after Lubelska Policja, Policja Lubelska & TVN24)

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