Bell barge uncovered at a boat graveyard

Remains of a 19th-century diving bell barge has been uncovered during excavations of a boat graveyard at river Clyde near Erskine, West Central Lowlands of Scotland.

Aerial image of the barge (by Saltire News and Sport Ltd)

The remains of the diving bell barge, the oldest of its kind in the world, have been recognised as nationally important. According to the researchers, the vessel has been built in 1852. Builders’ plans confirmed the metal vessel was built by A and J Inglis. The vessel was used to remove tons of spoil from the bottom of the Clyde. The barge was used to drop a diving bell, containing 1 or 2 divers, to the river bed to break up rock formations.

Close up of the barge (by Saltire News and Sport Ltd)

(after Saltire News and Sport Ltd & Evening Times)

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