Galway Beach reveals a 12th century Irish brooch

A 12th century brooch was discovered on the shore of Oney Island in Connemara in western Ireland. The person who made the discovery is an Irish American film and television major at New York University being in Dublin for the summer with an NYU program.

Pre-WW2 factory destroyed by the developer

The building of Henryk Dąbrowski’s Chemical plant in Warsaw, pre-dating World War II was destroyed by the developer despite the structure being registered as an architectural monument. The demolition was conducted despite the decision of the Heritage Office and district authorities.

200 silver Roman coins discovered in Spain

After 3 weeks of excavations of the Empúries site on the Costa Brava, Spain, a ceramic vase containing 200 silver denarius dating from the 1st century BC was found. Also 24 amphorae of wine have been discovered in the cellar of an ancient house, a simpulum (bronze slab to extract wine) and two bracelets.