Antikythera shipwreck revealed a human skeleton

Underwater archaeologists discovered a human skeleton at the wreckage site of the ancient ship that carried the clockwork device known as the Antykithera mechanism. The individual found at the 2000-year-old wreckage, off the shore of the Greek island of Antykithera, might reveal first DNA from an ancient shipwreck victim.

Rare Roman bronze wing discovered

Excavations near the ancient Roman city wall of Gloucester, United Kingdom, revealed a rare artefact from the Roman Age. It’s a small bronze wing that came from a winged statuette.

Time capsule from 1934 discovered in Pomerania

After seven days of intensive digging, explorers unearthed a time capsule from 1934. The find was once buried as a cornerstone of Ordensburg Krössinsee – an educational centre for cadres of the Nazi Party in Złocieniec (then known as Falkenburg), north-western Poland.

3000-year-old burnt cheese found in Denmark

Excavations in central Jutland in Denmark revealed a vessel filled with burnt cheese that dated back to the Bronze Age. The find is a unique evidence for cooking practice in the prehistoric times and for mistakes that might have happened during.