Prehistoric houses discovered in North-Western Poland

Archaeological excavations in Warzymice (North-Western Poland) revealed two prehistoric sites. Both were discovered by an archaeologist who stumbled upon pottery shards in plough lines while walking along a street that adjoined the ploughed field. The excavations that succeeded the discovery found two settlements dated to different period.

Relics of a settlement discovered in Warzymice (by
Relics of a settlement discovered in Warzymice (by

The younger settlement had a form of a house relic dated to 7th century AD, probably connected to first Slavic settlers in the area. The second and older settlement was dated back to the Neolithic period. After careful study it was revealed that the discovered remains are of a homestead dated back to 3200-2800 BC and connected with the Globular Amphora culture. The settlement relics of the settlement preserved to our times in form of a stone circle with the inside space filled with shattered pottery pieces. All artefacts are currently being studied further.

Relics of the Neolithic settlement (by
Pottery shard found in the settlement (by


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