Remains of Bronze Age house found in Slovakia

Archaeologists discovered traces of a Bronze Age dwelling in the Lúčna district in Detva, Central Slovakia.

Site of excavations (by Jozef Poliak)

Researchers were finding only holes, indicating that a possible house measuring 5 by 8,5 metres was located at the site, but were unable to define the features as a settlement so far. Yet a recent find of a small Prehistoric hearth confirmed that the site was used as a settlement. Archaeologists were also able to uncover fragments of pottery used for food preparation, with some pieces being more luxurious with polished surfaces. According to the researchers the dwellers of the site probably supplied the fortified settlement of Kalamárka, the oldest known archaeological settlement of central Slovakia, located at a distance of 5 kilometres from Detva.

Reconstruction of the house (by Jozef Poliak)

(after Jozef Poliak & The Slovak Spectator)

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