Artefacts found within accidentally discovered remains of building

Archaeologists discovered various artefacts within remains of a building that was found by accident during constructions in Dzierzgoń, Northern Poland.

Finds from the site (by UM w Dzierzgoniu)

Archaeologists continue their investigation at a site which was revealed by roadworks at the 515 motorway running through Dzierzgoń. Remains of a brick building were found in an area where no constructions were known in the past. The discovery was made just after removing the topsoil. Archaeologists unearthed a brick staircase and rooms on the floor which is believed to be a cellar. A number of artefacts has been found, including glass bottles and metal vessels, some of which are believed to date back even to 16th century AD. The excavations at the site continue.

(after UM w Dzierzgoniu & TVregionalna24)

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