Crop domestication traced with use of synchrotron light

Researchers used Diamond Light Source, United Kingdom’s synchrotron facility, to document for the first time the rate of evolution of seed coat thinning on 4000-year-old samples, which is a major marker of crop domestication, present in archaeological remains of crop seeds. 

Ancient Roman coin found in Orkney

Archaeologists discovered a copper alloy Roman coin at the site of Knowe of Swandro, Rousay, Scotland. The site is known for its Neolithic chambered tomb, Iron Age roundhouses and Pictish buildings.

Numerous Iron Age artefacts recovered by Police

Police officers from Miastko and Szczecin, Poland, were able to recover over 200 archaeological artefacts dating back to Early Iron Age which are said to have been illegally unearthed in Miastko earlier this year. The artefacts consist of vessels and jewellery attributed to the people of Lusatian culture.