Bones and tools found in pre-Columbian village

Remains of a 1000-year-old village have been discovered at Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village, Davison County, South Dakota, USA.

Site of excavations (by Jake Shama & Republic)

Archaeologists have discovered six bison scapula hoes, a bone scraper and an unknown stone tool. Similar tools have been found at the site before, but never so many in one cluster. The artefacts have been found inside remains of a lodge that burned to the ground approximately 1000 years ago. The tools were found nearby another collection of fire-cracked stone tools discovered four years ago. According to archaeologists, they were probably leaning up against the lodge wall or perhaps just laid down on the ground, and when the lodge wall collapsed.

Bone tools, charcoal and part of a lodge structure found at the site (by Jake Shama & Republic)

(after The Globe, Jake Shama & Republic)

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