Palaeolithic site in Plovdiv bulldozed for construction

Oldest Prehistoric settlement site, dating to Neolithic and Chalcolithic, in Bulgaria’s Plovdiv, was bulldozed by construction workers.

The site was bulldozed (by Podtepeto)

The archaeological site was of a Prehistoric settlement dating back 8000 years. It was the oldest site of its kind in Plovdiv, which is Bulagaria’s second largest city. The site had been known about for 100 years and was meant to have been protected by law. The works that led to the destruction involve  construction of an office building on private property at Plovdiv’s Brezovsko Chaussee. According to the workers of Plovdiv Archaeological Museum who alerted the media about the destruction the work at the site had not been stopped despite the local institutions having been earlier informed. The officials of Sever municipality in Plovdiv state that hey had not received any alerts about the excavation, but the works have been stopped by the mayor for inspection by officials of Bulgaria’s Ministry of Culture.

(after Podtepeto & The Sofia Globe)

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