Parts of WW2 airplane wreckage found during construction

Construction works in Świerzowa, South-eastern Poland, unearthed remains of a German World War 2 military airplane.

The plane’s propeller (by Łukasz Zakrzewski)

Construction workers were digging a hole for foundations at a private land, when they accidentally stumbled upon the remains, which were buried at a depth of nearly 90 centimetres. It is believed that the remains belong to a Messerschmitt bomber. Construction workers unearthed a propeller, a container and parts of metal plating. The works were stopped due to the risk of human remains and ammunition that potentially might be still underground.

Finds made during construction (by Łukasz Zakrzewski)

Police was called to the site and the local heritage office was informed. The area was secured for careful investigation. This is yet another case of WW2 plane discovery in the area in recent years. It is possibly connected to the existence of a a military airfield in Krosno since 1930s. It was used by Germans after their occupation of Poland in 1939. Moreover, during that time the Luftwaffe is known to have utilised airbases in Moderówka and Łężany.

A container from the airplane (by Łukasz Zakrzewski)

(after Łukasz Zakrzewski & RMF MAXXX)

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