Prehistoric bannerstone found during road construction

A stone artefact, possibly dating back 4000 years was found during a roundabout construction in Carmel, Indiana, United States of America.

Top view of the artefact (by City of Carmel)

The artefact has been identified as a bannerstone, which are commonly found in the states of Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. It is still disputed upon their purposes, but some suggest they were used as weights for throwing spears, and others think they were used for drilling or starting fires. The stone was discovered on top of dirt at the edge of the construction site. Work has stopped within 30 metres of the place of discovery until archaeological investigation ends, but archaeologists reported it was an isolated find and construction works continue as scheduled.

The stone artefact (by City of Carmel)

(after City of Carmel & IndyStar)

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