Rare Bronze Age artefacts found in a pot

Accidental discovery of a Prehistoric pot included numerous artefacts dating back to the Bronze Age. After the discovery amateur treasure hunters the findings to the local heritage office.

Artefacts found within the Bronze Age vessel (by Radio Wrocław)

The artefacts however were obtained by removing them from the archaeological context, and the researchers were unable to learn more information about them. The artefacts are believed to date back to around 1500 BC, to the Bronze Age. The heritage officials say, that in case of such finds it is crucial to secure the find, and inform any officials about the discover, so it can be studied at the site.

Bronze blade (by Radio Wrocław)

The findings consist of such items as bracelets, ornamented knives and blades, axe-heads, and a pin of a cloak. The officials state that the site of discovery was destroyed by these amateur discoverers who excavated the place where the pot was found.

Bronze spear head (by Radio Wrocław)

(after Radio Wrocław, Daniel Gibski & Dorota Kuźnik)

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