Team of detectorists found a buried German Nazi Panther tank

A team of detectorists and explorers discovered remains of a Panther tank left by the Germans during World War II. The discovery was made near Chrostkowo in North-Central Poland.

Excavations at the site (by
Excavations at the site (by

A team of explorers  received information that there might be a German Panther tank buried under a road near Chrostkowo. Initial works were not conclusive and the local authorities did not want to close the road for further investigation, so the team used non-invasive methods to get more information. A survey carried out with a ground penetrating radar (GPR) by members of the Fundacja Strażnicy Historii (Guardians of History Foundation) managed to pinpoint the location of the underground feature. After few hours of digging, first remains of the tank were unearthed. Recovered parts constitute about 30% of the total mass of the vehicle, which probably was blown up after being abandoned. It was also possible to recover a part bearing the number of the tank – 141. It will be now checked by the Deutsches Panzermuseum Munster in order to learn more about the tank itself and its military trail.



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    I wonder if Germans demand their “heritage”.

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    Calling a Panzer tank German “heritage”, even with the quotes, is provocative (and offensive). Even if there are a tiny number of extremists who respect the Nazi era today, the nation of Germany today does not and condemns it unequivocally. As a German, I respect the Polish and morn the terrible destruction of the Nazi’s (which was catastrophic in Germany as well, remember). I ask you to withhold posting comments which attempt to inflame ugly emotions and scars which are in the process of healing.
    Thank you,

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