Bodies found in wreck of a B24 airplane downed in 1944

Divers discovered remains of people within a shipwreck of an American B24 Tulsamerican bomber that was downed off shore of Vis Island, Croatia, in 1944.

The B24 Tulsamerican (by NPS Submerged Resources Center)

The airplane is just one of nearly 30 aircraft mostly bombers from World War II, downed near Vis Island, because there was an important allied airbase located there. The Tulsamerican bomber was discovered in 2009. It is the last model of Liberator bombers produced in a factory in Tulsa, United States of America. Researchers investigating the wreck discovered remains of bones within the wreck, which is resting on the seabed at a depth of 40 metres. Divers came across the remains of the pilot and co-pilot when sifting through sediment underneath the cabin, raising it in bags to the ship above for further analysis.

(after NPS Submerged Resources Center & Total Croatia News)

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