Grave of German soldiers bound with cord found

Archaeologists in Lwówek, West Poland, found a grave with remains of German soldiers that were bound with a blue cord. The grave dates back to World War II.

Remains found in Lwówek (by Pomost)

The cord binds the arms, legs and even necks of the remains. According to archaeologist Maksymilian Frąckowiak, they belong to German soldiers that were killed in 1945. The cord probably allowed to transport the bodies to the place of the burial. Along the remains, researchers of the Stowarzyszenie Pomost (Pomost Association) who initially found archive documents that led to the discovery of the grace, discovered parts of military uniforms, buttons, and German soldier tags. The researchers did not find any marks that would indicate execution of the soldiers. One of the individuals had his legs broken in few places. According to archaeologists the soldiers died in battle and the cord was used to bind and drag or transport the bodies to the place of burial, as similar discoveries were made in the past.

Button found by the remains (by Pomost)

(after TVN24 & Pomost)

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