German MP 40 machine gun found by construction workers

Construction workers discovered remains of a German WW2 machine gun MP 40 at the city’s speedway stadium in Gdańsk, North Poland. The weapon’s chamber was preserved and a serial number was possible to be read.

The MP 40 machine gun (by MOSiR Gdańsk via Strefa Historii)

The MP 40 machine gun was developed in Nazi Germany and used extensively by the Axis powers during World War II. It used 9 mm parabellum ammunition. It is estimated that the Third Reich produced between 746000 to 1.1 million pieces of MP 40. The serial number of the one found in Gdańsk is said to be relatively low. The weapon possibly was abandoned during fights for the city in 1945. The find was handed over to the Police.

(after MOSiR Gdańsk & Strefa Historii)

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