WW2 ammunition, unexploded ordnance, helmets and more found in West Poland

Police in Gorzów, West Poland, was notified about the possibility of unexploded ordnance being located underground in the area of a former military base. Sappers called on the scene found numerous World War II armaments and ammunition.

Recovery of the artefacts (by Muzeum Lubuskie w Gorzowie)

Sappers from the 2nd Sapper Battalion from Stargard Szczeciński discovered over 11 pieces of rifle and gun ammunition, four anti-tank mines, ammunition crates, grenades, 200 German helmets and other military objects used by soldiers. The mines were found without the detonators, and did not constitute a threat to the local inhabitants. The objects are said to have been buried underground for a couple of decades.

German helmets (by Muzeum Lubuskie w Gorzowie)
Various finds (by Muzeum Lubuskie w Gorzowie)

The helmets, ammunition crates and other military equipment were handed over to the Muzeum Lubuskie in Gorzów and Muzeum Twierdzy Kostrzyn (Festung Küstrin Museum) in Kostrzyn where they will enhance the current exhibition. The condition of the helmets is said to be remarkable, with original paint still preserved. Also the crates are said to contain preserved ammunition belts. The experts believe the objects were hidden in a ditch serving as an air raid shelter or were buried in a hole due to no other idea of how to dispose of them.

Various military artefacts (by Muzeum Lubuskie w Gorzowie)
Military finds (by Muzeum Lubuskie w Gorzowie)

(after Gazeta Lubuska, Muzeum Lubuskie w Gorzowie & Centralne Biuro Śledcze Policji)

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